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Purchase a DVD of Transforming Loss: A Documentary by Judith R. Burdick

There are many ways to heal through the grief process, though none as profoundly effective as helping others. Through the six stories featured in the film, my goal as a documentary filmmaker is to provide an intimate window into the grief journey in a real and heartfelt way.

This film will not only provide support and inspiration for people struggling with the loss of a loved one, but will also be a practical healing tool for therapists and clergy, funeral directors, hospice workers and medical practitioners, as well as educational institiutions. Transforming Loss is needed today to bring to light what humanity has always struggled with, death.

This film provides an authentic look at human loss, suffering, hope and transformation.

$195 – DVD – Non-Profits

$245 – DVD – Non-Profits – with PPR

$295 – DVD – Universities, Libraries, Other

$345- DVD – Universities, Libraries, Other – with PPR

PPR (Public Performance Rights) Explained:

When you purchase the DVD with PPR or Public Performance Rights, you are entering into a license agreement with us whereby you will pay a one-time purchase fee for the DVD. You are then granted the rights to screen the film publicly with the express understanding that all events must be free, and that there is no box office income or ticket sales revenue associated with the event. If a fundraiser is being planned, with tickets for sale, then the screening group must contact Judith Burdick re: a formal event screening fee and a percentage of ticket sales to go to Judith Burdick. (Without PPR simply means you plan to have it in your library with no screenings being planned at any time.)

DVDs sold with PPR included cannot be used for fundraising purposes. Any violation of these terms will be considered a legal breach of the license, and this license will be revoked.

Transforming Loss encourages you to let us know when you’re planning events around the film, so we can actively cross promote them on your behalf.

For questions, please contact Judith Burdick at (248) 420-3870 or Peggy Burkhard at (248) 770-5172. You can reach Judith at judith@psychjrb.com or Nicole at nicole@judithburdick.com.