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Transforming Loss Documentary
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by Mary Lou on Transforming Loss Documentary

Hard to watch this beautiful documentary through the tears, having lost my son suddenly last year. I have learned in my grief to lean on others, something I never did before. There is such comfort in community.

My spiritual mentor recommended this film. Judith Burdick has done a sensitive, heart touching service with "Transforming Loss." She reminds us we are all connected in life, and in death. The brave people who share their stories demonstrate the power of forgiveness and acceptance.

Thanks Judith, and the people in the film who honor their loved ones by being honest and vulnerable. This film helped me.

by Kathleen Hay on Transforming Loss Documentary

I just finished watching this documentary. I have no words except - what a tragic but beautiful opportunity to share all these stories, and hopefully by doing so = they have helped another person. May God bless the individuals depicted as they continue helping so mnay others, probably without even realizing it!!

by Elaine Grohman on Transforming Loss Documentary

We never know the frailty of life until we experience it firsthand. Last night I had the opportunity to watch the incredibly powerful and moving documentary, “Transforming Loss – A Documentary” by Judith Burdick at Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills. Despite the cold, over 100 people were in attendance. This documentary steps into the lives of families whose lives have been irrevocably changed through suicide, disease, and tragic accidents. With grace and courage, the individuals featured in this documentary have opened their hearts and lives, allow us to witness how one can walk through their own tragedies to impact the lives of others in profound and moving ways. Watch this documentary with your friends and family. Thank you to all who brought this film to fruition.

by Denise Livingston on Transforming Loss Documentary

What a beautifully done documentary on surviving the loss of loved ones! Everyone's grief is different and the range of people Judith interviewed was a great example of that. Judith's film reminds people that they can go forward with honoring their loved ones is many different ways that is beneficial to the world

I had the privilege of being on the panel discussion after the BolderFest screening of "Transforming Loss" and let me say this is a movie for anyone who is grieving should see, it will do your heart good.

by Stu Zonder on Transforming Loss Documentary

My wife and I just watched Transforming Loss by Judith Burdick on DVD. We were both very moved by the portrayals of the remaining family members after their loved ones had passed. Mourning and recovering are such personal experiences. The honesty and strength of all members of this group were so evident. One could not help but feel inspired by this fine film. Beautifully shot and edited. Bravo to Ms. Burdick for this excellent work.

by Larry Franklin on Transforming Loss Documentary

It is not easy watching the beautiful souls profiled in Transforming Loss suffering loss that they do not deserve and that most of us cannot even imagine. But watching it is also very much worth the effort. When we are first introduced to the film's subjects and the tragedies they endured, we are left with a sense of hopelessness; that loss of this magnitude is just too staggering to be overcome. But the film takes us on a remarkable journey and in the end we see that while there are variations in the loss that each of the profilees suffer, all come to the same conclusion: That the way forward is to jettison the anger and embrace love, compassion and a dedication to helping others. It is through this transformative process that they can make sense of the tragedies they have endured and find new meaning and purpose to life. In this, the film transcends loss and shows all of us how life should be lived. We are able to benefit from the wisdom they have garnered without paying the terrible price that they have paid. Thus is Transforming Loss an uplifting and empowering film, and a must see for two types of individuals: Those who have suffered tragic loss, and those who have not.

by Angie Oleskie on Transforming Loss Documentary

Inspirational and hopeful are the two words that come to mind after viewing this documentary film!! Offering hope at the beginning of this painful grief journey is so important. Thank you to Judith & these five families for sharing their stories!!

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